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5 AI Tools to Aid Video Production | Viewix

Video content is king, queen, and everything in between. Video remains one of the most powerful ways for brands to engage their audiences, but the process of creating content at scale is resource-intensive. Even savvy marketers struggle to create frequent, high-quality videos with limited budgets and overloaded teams.

Think of the average production for short-form video content: You need a script, actors or voiceover talent, a camera and lighting equipment, and an editor. Then, you have to factor in the time it takes to film, edit, and distribute the final product. 

It's no wonder that many companies are putting out stale, uninspiring content at odds with consumer expectations. 

What you need is a set of tools that help enhance your video production process without sacrificing quality or breaking the bank. That's where artificial intelligence (AI) can help.

The Rise of AI in Video Marketing & Production

Fall down a video marketing rabbit hole, and you’re sure to find no few AI tools that promise to streamline the production process. These tools use machine learning algorithms and natural language processing (NLP) to analyze footage, identify key moments, and even create captions and subtitles automatically.

This technology has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its ability to save time and resources while also improving overall video quality. With AI, production teams can focus on more creative aspects of video creation rather than tedious tasks such as transcribing dialogue or searching for specific clips within hours of footage.

But how do you find the right tool for your specific video production needs? The key is knowing what each tool does and the capabilities those tools offer. Let's take a closer look at some popular AI video production tools that we utilise everyday here at Viewix.

1. Adobe Enhance Speech for Audio Clean-Up

Removing background noise from the video is tedious and time-consuming – and it's one of the biggest headaches you face when you are filming on location or in authentic settings. That’s why we love using Adobe Enhance Speech

This AI tool from Adobe automates audio cleaning using AI to remove ambient sounds. The tool isolates dialogue and reduces echoes, wind, and disruptive sounds with just one click. Best of all, you don’t have to manually do any audio clean-up yourself, saving you time and hassle in post-production.

Why We Love Adobe Enhance Speech:

It streamlines shooting in suboptimal environments by cleaning audio automatically. This saves hours in post-production – and is worth its weight in gold.

2. Midjourney for Storyboard Visualisations

Midjourney still leads the way in AI image creation. Once you get a grasp on the prompting process, you can create some pretty stunning images and animations.

One of our favourite uses for Midjourney in video production is creating storyboards. Being able to input the cameras, lenses and lighting set-up choices we intend to use on the shoot gives us an accurate image that kickstarts the creative process for shaping the visuals.

For our recent Go With the Gecko TVC, Midjourney helped visualise different setting options and character representations based on text briefs. Seeing the images flow allowed selecting the best fits and refining the script accordingly before filming.

Why We Love Midjourney:

It unlocks creativity for video projects by bringing concepts and scenes to life visually. The AI-generated images enhance communication and provide an interactive storyboarding experience.

3. SubMagic for Animated Subtitles

Did you know that nearly 75% of consumers watch videos on silent? Compelling subtitles are essential for video accessibility and viewership growth. But like noise removal, adding captions and subtitles can be time-consuming and tedious.

Enter SubMagic. SubMagic uses AI speech recognition to automatically transcribe footage and generate animated text overlays. It offers various templates and customization options, making it easy to match your brand's style. Plus, the AI technology automatically adjusts for timing and pacing, saving you hours of manual work.

Why We Love SubMagic:

It improves video accessibility while adding stylistic subtitle overlays that captivate viewers. Automated transcription also eliminates tedious manual work.

4. LinkMatch AI for Royalty-Free Music

Sourcing affordable, high-quality stock music is challenging – if not a race to the bottom of boring, generic tracks. LinkMatch AI matches your video style and duration to similar royalty-free songs from its catalog.

This ability takes out the time it takes to dig through endless libraries, while also ensuring your video's music is cohesive and on-brand. Plus, the AI technology constantly evolves its recommendations based on user feedback.

Why We Love LinkMatch AI:

It takes the guesswork and cost issues out of music selection. LinkMatch's recommendations suit your video style for greater emotional impact.

5. Adobe Firefly for Colour Grading Simplification

Colour grading is critical for establishing a video’s visual tone and style, and if you don’t have a graphic design background or access to expensive software, it can be tough to keep this part of the production process efficient. 

Adobe Firefly uses AI to analyse footage brightness, saturation, and contrast ratios. It then makes cinematic colour adjustments tailored to the content. We love this AI tool because it saves us time and effort while still delivering professional-looking results.

Why We Love Adobe Firefly:

It automates time-intensive colour and light analysis so creators can focus solely on optimising tone for impact and artistic vision.

Multiply Your Video Productivity With AI

It’s clear that AI-powered tools offer immense potential to accelerate and enhance video creation – and their automation power shows they aren’t going away anytime soon. So, those who learn how to wield these AI tools effectively will be a step ahead in their video production game.

From our team’s experience, the five tools above have been proven to multiply video productivity - whether you want to clean up audio, storyboard ideas, craft stylish subtitles, or simplify music and the colour grading processes.

Video creators and marketers who embrace these technologies gain a powerful edge in shaping sophisticated, high-impact content. At Viewix, we’ve chosen to harness the power of these tools and learn how they can best benefit our video production process. The result is a faster, more efficient workflow and stunning videos that captivate consumers.

Want to learn more about how our team uses AI to improve productivity in video creation? Sign up for our newsletter and visit us online today - we’d love to share our insights and help you take your video content to the next level with AI!

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