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The Three Scales of Video Production l Viewix

In this digital world, video content has never been more important. Estimates currently suggest that there are around 48 billion digital video viewers in the world today, which means investing in video production has the power to transform your business.

However, video production is a big term that covers a broad range of areas. That’s why in this latest blog, we thought we would explore the three scales of video production you can utilise to tell your brands story.

  1. Social Videos

The first scale is videos that are created specifically for social media. With so many companies vying for attention on the timeline, high-quality videos that are designed for Facebook, TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube have never been more important for getting eyes on your brand. 

Don't be deceived by their short run time however, social focused videos require different story-telling and production techniques to get right. Utilising the 'Hook, Retain, Reward' philosophy is your best bet to grabbing and holding your audiences attention, but that's a subject for another blog!

We created a social focused package for The Vein Institute and you can see how they utilise our videos to answer some of their customers most commonly asked questions here

2. Brand Movies

Moving away from social media, brand movies are another important part of video production. These are longer pieces, typically around 2-3 minutes, and go far more in-depth on who your company is. These movies cover everything, from the services you provide to your core values and the people that make up your team. 

Due to their focus on the details, they are a great video to incorporate into the front page of your website, helping visitors get a clear understanding of what your company is about. By the time a viewer finishes watching a brand movie they should know exactly who you are, what you're offering and whether your product/service is right for them.

In order to create an effective brand movie you have to put in the leg work and really understand a company. When BMF Wealth came to us looking to tell their story we took it upon ourselves to go in-depth into their values and understand who we were talking to before we set out to make the movie. Have a look at how it turned out here

3. TV Commercials and YouTube pre-roll 

These are instantly eye-catching productions that have a high budget and are designed to reach a far greater audience. While TV commercials have been around for decades, in recent years, trends have changed considerably, and you’re now just as likely to find younger generations watching YouTube as they are TV. 

That means TV adverts and YouTube pre-roll ads should be considered together, and clever thinking that targets potential consumers is required. We know what it takes to create captivating ads, and it was our team who produced the Go With Gecko commercials you might have seen playing nationally on Channel 9!

Creating a high production value ad goes a long way toward establishing your brand as trusted and capable, and injecting creativity into your ad gives you a staying power in the viewers mind that other scales of production don't often achieve.

Need help bringing your brand to life?

If you want to find out how video production can help bring your brand to life, increase your customer base and boost your profits, get in touch today! 

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