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About Us

Bringing Your Vision to Life

We are a dynamic video production company based in the vibrant city of Sydney, Australia! Our journey began just two years ago, but we've already made a big splash in the industry and are growing at lightning speed! We're thrilled to be at the forefront of cutting-edge video production, constantly pushing creative boundaries and delivering exceptional results to our clients.

Dynamic Video Production, Cutting-Edge Video Production, Promotional Videos Sydney

Endorsed and trusted by our loyal customers.

Dynamic Video Production, Cutting-Edge Video Production, Promotional Videos Sydney

How It All Started

Viewix came about from a discussion between founders Jeremy Farrugia and Steve Chestney about how bloated production companies in Australia had become. Entrenched workflows and high overheads were translating into videos that were both expensive and creatively constrained. This wasn’t good for clients and it wasn’t satisfying for the people making them either.

Instead we used some back-of-the-napkin problem solving to scope out a workflow that would actually deliver videos that solved clients needs and would be adaptable enough to evolve when new data guided us to better outcomes. And like that, Viewix was born.

Since then we’ve grown in scope and capability, all the while without compromising on our adaptability, and importantly, our quality. 

Creative, bringing agency level creativity without the agency costs

Creating premium, high end content. 

Being a small, nimble team who apply deep thinking and problem solving to all our clients problems

Offering business growth and identity advise to our clients

Our Values

Experience Professionalism and Creativity with Viewix


Provides clear production timelines and maintains open communication for alignment with client goals.

Innovative use of AI for challenges like audio enhancement, showcasing adaptability and commitment to quality.

Technology Integration

Our Approach 

Viewix’s Consultative and Collaborative Process

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