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DIY vs Professional: When Should You Invest In Video Production?

Video production is a vital part of any digital marketing campaign, and with most of us carrying around powerful smartphones it’s never been easier to capture content. However, while it can be very tempting to go DIY and save money on your production costs, as the demand for high-quality video content rises there comes a time when investing in professional video production can give you the edge. 

Both DIY and professional video production have their merits and drawbacks, with the decision ultimately depending on time constraints, budget, and required output. In this latest article, we explore when it’s best to DIY and when it’s worthwhile investing in professional video production.

DIY video production

If you are on a tight budget or have limited resources, DIY video production can be a very attractive option. Thanks to video equipment and editing software becoming more accessible, it’s never been easier to create basic videos that can be perfect for vlogs and informal social media updates. That level of authenticity often helps to capture followers’ attention and build a personal connection with them. 

By doing it yourself, you have complete creative freedom and control over the content creation; however, it’s not without its challenges. A lack of professional expertise, equipment and resources can lead to an end result that lacks polish and might fail to convey your message effectively. DIY video production is also prone to poor audio, shaky camera work, and poor editing, which can detract from the overall experience for the viewer and undermine your brand's credibility. 

Although it is often seen as a cheaper alternative, DIY video production can still be a costly process. Not only will you have to invest in the equipment, but you will also need to spend a lot of time planning, scripting, filming, and editing the content, time that could be spent on other aspects of your business. 

Professional video production 

If you are aiming for a polished and professional video, then working with an experienced production company is the best option. These videographers and production teams will bring expertise, experience and specialist equipment to the table, helping to create a stunning, high-quality end product that meets your objectives and deeply resonates with your audience. 

Professional video production is particularly beneficial for those organisations looking to enhance their brand image, launch major marketing campaigns, or create corporate training videos. This high-quality video content also helps to instil trust and credibility in your brand, captivating your audience and setting you apart from your competitors. 

Although professional video production does require a higher initial investment, it’s important to remember that it will save you significant time and alleviate the burden on you and your team. From conceptualisation through to post-production, they’ll manage every step of the process for you. 

Looking to bring your videos to life?

Both DIY and professional video production have their place in digital marketing. However, if you are striving for professional results that build your brand credibility and showcase your organisation in the best light possible, then working with an experienced team can deliver superior results. 

If you are looking for professional video production that you can trust, our Viewix team has worked with some of the biggest brands in Australia and knows exactly what it takes to bring your vision to life. Want to find out more? Let’s chat today!  

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