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The Viewix Approach: How We Help Bring Your Vision To Life!

When it comes to video production in Australia, it can be tough to find a partner who shares your vision and works closely with you to bring that vision to life. Here at Viewix, we pride ourselves on delivering a unique approach to content creation that sees us become an extension of your brand, creating a fit-for-purpose video that truly answers your needs.

How does our Viewix video production approach work, though? We thought we would take a closer look… 

Step One: Getting To Know You 

For us, this is one of the most important steps of video production in Sydney. It’s impossible to create a video that represents your brand without knowing who you are and what your goals are. That is why our experienced team will first take the time to understand more about your business, your vision and expectations for the video, and what you would consider to be a success. 

Step Two: Research and Pitch

With that information, we will then undertake a thorough period of research. This includes a deep dive into your brand, and we’ll ask for all brand guidelines, product materials, and other insights to help our creators understand exactly who you are. From this information, we will then put together a creative pitch that you can collaborate on to ensure we’re both working from the same page. 

Step Three: Storyboarding 

Once the pitch has been finalised, we’ll begin scripting the video and storyboarding the visuals, allowing you to understand exactly how the clip will look and sound like before any production begins. For animations, this is the stage where we’ll create all usable assets for the clip. 

Step Four: Crewing and Casting 

At Viewix, we’re fully committed to delivering the best results possible with every project. That is why we’ll always ensure our video production projects have all of the required crew working on the filming. We’ll also manage and operate the casting process, giving our clients the final choice on all candidates. 

Step Five: Production and Editing

Only once our clients are completely happy with the cast and crew do we begin production. During the process, we keep our clients closely updated throughout the process, allowing them to add insight to the filming. We’ll then deliver the first version of the video on the agreed production date, asking our clients to advise on any structural or directional changes and additional insight they would like. 

Step Six: Handover

After the final round of revisions and the client is completely happy with the video, we’ll create the final version and deliver it in the required formats. We love to hear the results from our clients, so we’ll catch up a short while later to understand how we can improve even further on the next project. 

Ready to bring your vision to the screen?

Whether it’s television adverts, social media clips, or corporate productions, our Viewix team utilises the same personal approach with the same commitment and dedication. We pride ourselves on being one of the leading video production companies in Sydney, working with some of the biggest brands in Australia, so if you want to find out how we can help you, get in touch today

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